Calling Card

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Leaf Ticket Item
Calling Card
Calling Card.png
30 Leaf Ticket.png Leaf Tickets

Description[edit source]

A Calling Card.png Calling Card can be used to bring a villager to a player's current location where they will stay for 3 hours and will have three requests to complete. Using the Calling Card will also give +1 Friendship EXP with that character.

How to Obtain

Calling Cards are sometimes given as daily log-in bonuses. One Calling Card is also given by a villager as a reward for crafting his or her special request item.


To use a Calling Card, go into the Contacts menu, select the character to call, then press Call.


The location must be one of the following:

Also, a Calling Card cannot be used on villagers that are already at a location (eg. At the player's campsite, at one of the previously listed locations).