Candlelit Ceremony 1

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Candlelit Ceremony 1
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Catalog Category
Candlelit Ceremony
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Passing Grade
130+ Points
Jun. 16, 2020 - Sep. 14, 2020

Description[edit source]

Candlelit Ceremony 1 is a Happy Homeroom class that features Butch Icon.png Butch and items mainly from the Candlelit Ceremony category.

This course is a limited time event course linked to Butch's Candlelit Cookie and is only available during the event's duration.

Medal Requirements[edit source]

Medal 1 Medal 2 Medal 3 Perfect Score
130+ Points 170+ Points 225+ Points 254 Points

Medal Rewards[edit source]

Medal 1 Medal 2 Medal 3
100 Bells.png Bells 200 Bells.png Bells 1,000 Bells.png Bells

On-Point Items[edit source]

Name Type Size Rarity Materials Bell Cost Craft Time Unlocked by
Int foc44 candle cmps.png
Candlelit Tree Stumps
Furniture Lamp Icon.png
4x2 ★★★ Obtained via eating Butch's Candlelit Cookie (12.5858% chance).
Int oth casablanca.png
Casablanca Lilies
Furniture Plant Icon.png
2x2 30 Material Wood.png Wood 1,440 Bells.png Bells 1 Hour(s)  Unlock Stella
Tops foc44 dress cmps.png
White-Lace Dress
Clothing Dress Icon.png
- ★★★ Obtained via eating Butch's Candlelit Cookie (12.5858% chance).

Room Requirements[edit source]

Butch Candlelit Ceremony 1a.png

Completed Room[edit source]

Butch Candlelit Ceremony 1b.png