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This is a list of all the clothing in the Clothing Outfit Icon.png Outfits category in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

Name Theme Catalog Category Buying Price Selling Price How to Obtain Rarity
Name Theme Catalog Category Buying Price Selling Price How to Obtain Rarity
Tops 3800 mario cmps.png
Mario Outfit
Hip Banner.png
Gifts for All 75 Bells.png Bells This item was a Super Mario Crossover Event Gift Super Mario: A Gift for Everyone given out Mar. 14, 2019 - Apr. 14, 2019.
Tops foc18 fox cmps.png
Foxtail Dress
Harmonious Banner.png
Fiery Spirits 2,000 Bells.png Bells Obtained via eating Phoebe's Fiery Cookie (6.7729% chance). ★★★★
Tops 2880 eevee cmps.png
Eevee Costume
Cute Banner.png
Eevee 300 Bells.png Bells Obtained during the Poké Ball Scavenger Hunt event ★★
Tops 3480 wear cmps.png
Animal Crossing Ski Suit
Sporty Banner.png
Ice Fishing 1500 Bells.png Bells Obtained during Fishing Tourney 10 by reaching total size goals. ★★★
Tops 3500 wear cmps.png
Big-Star Snow Wear
Sporty Banner.png
Snow Park 1,550Bells.png Bells Obtained via eating Hamlet's Chilly Cookie (13.6667% chance). ★★★
Tops 3990 pyn cmps.png
Zipper Costume
Hip Banner.png
Royal-Rabbit 325 Bells.png Bells Obtained via crafting during the Bunny Day Egg Hunt event. ★★
Tops fst00 cat cmps.png
Black-Cat Costume
Natural Banner.png
Monochromatic Cat 265 Bells.png Bells Obtained during the Fishing Tourney 14 (Monochromatic Cat). ★★