Fortune Cookie Events

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limited Edition Event Fortune Cookies are available for purchase with Leaf Tickets. There is also a small chance you will be able to purchase them from the Fortune Cookie Shop for bells.

Name Start Date End Date
Fg fortune foc11 cmps.png Stella's Sleepy Cookie
Fg fortune 2200 cmps.png Marshal's Pastry Cookie Apr 17th 2018 Jun 15th 2018
Fg fortune 2210 cmps.png Filbert's Rocket Cookie Apr 17th 2018 Jun 15th 2018
Fg fortune 2190 cmps.png Rosie's Pop-Star Cookie Apr 17th 2018 Jun 15th 2018
Fg fortune 2230 cmps.png Hopkins's Game Cookie Apr 26th 2018 May 10th 2018
Fg fortune 2300 cmps.png Stitches's Patch Cookie May 17th 2018 Jul 16th 2018
Fg fortune 2360 cmps.png Lily's Hydrangea Cookie May 21st 2018 Jul 30th 2018
Fg fortune 2520 cmps.png Julian's Stardust Cookie Jul 1st 2018 Sep 30th 2018
Fg fortune 2490 cmps.png Roald's Beach Cookie Jul 9th 2018 Sep 7th 2018
Fg fortune 2510 cmps.png Bluebear's Party Cookie Jul 18th 2018 Sep 16th 2018
Fg fortune 2590 cmps.png Bunnie's Li'l Red Cookie Aug 23rd 2018 Oct 22nd 2018
Fg fortune 2670 cmps.png Tia’s Rosewater Cookie Sep 3rd 2018 Dec 2nd 2018
Fg fortune 2680 cmps.png Inkling's Splatted Cookie Sep 13th 2018 Oct 11th 2018
Fg fortune 2790 cmps.png Muffy's Creepy Cookie Oct 1st 2018 Dec 31st 2018
Fg fortune 2810 cmps.png Goldie's Library Cookie Oct 17th 2018 Jan 15th 2019
Fg fortune 2930 cmps.png Isabelle's Café Cookie Nov 1st 2018 Jan 30th 2019
Fg fortune 2990 cmps.png Dazzling Duo Cookie Nov 14th 2018 Feb 12th 2019
Fg fortune 3230 cmps.png Fauna's Toy Day Cookie Nov 28th 2018 Dec 26th 2018
Fg fortune 3270 cmps.png White Gothic-Rose Cookie Dec 12th 2018 Mar 12th 2019
Fg fortune 3330 cmps.png Gladys's Camellia Cookie Dec 27th 2018 Mar 28th 2019
Fg fortune 3350 cmps.png Nordic Patch Cookie Jan 1st 2019 Apr 1st 2019
Fg fortune 3500 cmps.png Hamlet's Chilly Cookie Jan 15th 2019 Apr 15th 2019
Fg fortune 3610 cmps.png Poppy's Cocoa Cookie Jan 30th 2019 Apr 29th 2019
Fg fortune 3640 cmps.png Apple's Glazier Cookie Feb 16th 2019 May 17th 2019
Fg fortune 3710 cmps.png Diana's Fay Cookie Mar 1st 2019 May 30th 2019
Fg fortune 3860 cmps.png Broccolo's Band Cookie Mar 13th 2019 Jun 11th 2019
Fg fortune 3950 cmps.png Lobo's Solo Table Cookie Mar 28th 2019 Jun 26th 2019
Fg fortune 3980 cmps.png Chrissy's Royal Cookie Apr 11th 2019 Jul 10th 2019
Fg fortune 4210 cmps.png Cherry's Rockin' Cookie Apr 26th 2019 Jul 25th 2019
Fg fortune 4250 cmps.png Grim Rosewater Cookie May 10th 2019 Aug 8th 2019
Fg fortune foc00 cmps.png Apollo's Cinema Cookie May 16th 2019 Aug 14th 2019
Fg fortune foc01 cmps.png Colton's Gilded Cookie Jun 1st 2019 Aug 30th 2019
Fg fortune 2430 cmps.png Whitney's Rose Cookie Jun 6th 2019 Jun 27th 2019