Halloween Throw Net

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Leaf Ticket Item
Halloween Throw Net
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Description[edit source]

A Halloween Throw Net can be used to catch x1 Fish halloween3.png Grape Candy Fish and five random tourney fish during the Fishing Tourney 7 (Candied Catches) event period. Once the event ends, any remaining Halloween Throw Nets will be removed from the player's inventory.

How to Obtain

The Halloween Throw Net is given as rewards for completing Jack's Challenges during the Fishing Tourney. See the specific Tourney event details for more information on Jack's Challenges.


Go up to a dock and select the Throw Net icon. Select the Halloween Throw Net to use it.


Must be used at Lost Lure Creek Icon.png Lost Lure Creek during the Fishing Tourney 7 (Candied Catches) event