Haunted Garden 2

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Haunted Garden 2
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Catalog Category
Haunted Garden
Harmonious Banner.png
Passing Grade
160+ Points
Aug. 22, 2020 - Aug. 29, 2020

Description[edit source]

Haunted Garden 2 is a Happy Homeroom class that features Kiki Icon.png Kiki and items mainly from the Haunted Garden category.

This course is a limited time event course linked to Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt 23 (Haunted) and is only available during the event's duration.

Medal Requirements[edit source]

Medal 1 Medal 2 Medal 3 Perfect Score
160+ Points 205+ Points 275+ Points 312 Points

Medal Rewards[edit source]

Medal 1 Medal 2 Medal 3
200 Bells.png Bells 500 Bells.png Bells 3,000 Bells.png Bells

On-Point Items[edit source]

Name Type Size Rarity Materials Bell Cost Craft Time Unlocked by
Int tre14 well cmps.png
Haunted Well
Furniture Outdoor Furniture Icon.png
Outdoor Furniture
4x4 ★★ 120 Material tre14 00.png Haunted Gyroidite 2,880 Bells.png Bells 15 Hour(s) -
Int tre14 lantern cmps.png
Haunted Lantern
Furniture International Furniture Icon.png
International Furniture
2x2 40 Material tre14 00.png Haunted Gyroidite 960 Bells.png Bells 5 Hour(s) -
Int tre14 wal cmps.png
Haunted Shoji Screen
Furniture Partition Icon.png
4x2 ★★ 80 Material tre14 00.png Haunted Gyroidite 1,920 Bells.png Bells 8 Hour(s) -
Int tre14 candle cmps.png
Haunted Candles
Furniture Lamp Icon.png
2x2 10 Material tre14 00.png Haunted Gyroidite 240 Bells.png Bells 1 Hour(s) -

Room Requirements[edit source]

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Completed Room[edit source]

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