Horsehair Crab

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Sea Fish
Horsehair Crab
Fish 326002.png
Catalog Category
Other - Fish
Sells For
300 Bells.png Bells
3 (Rare)
Shadow Size
3 (Medium)
25.1cm - 34.9cm

How to Obtain[edit source]

Not currently collectable from recreational spots.

Previously available during the Cool Crustacean Goals event.
Originally obtained by fishing and from campsite villager chat gifts during Fishing Tourney 9.

Ways to Use[edit source]

This creature may be sold directly from the inventory, listed in the player's market box, or given to villagers for requests.

Fishing Tourney 9 Rewards[edit source]

Furniture[edit source]

Name Theme Catalog Category Size How to Obtain
Int fst04 guitar cmps.png
Dance-Show Guitar
Historical Banner.png
Sidewalk Showstopper 2x2 Obtained during Fishing Tourney 18 (Dance) by reaching a total size goal between 840cm - 1,120cm or by completing the Chip Challenge:
Fish fst0402.png Black Horsehair Crab collecting!
Catch 10 of at least 30.5 cm.
Int 3260 fishtank2 cmps.png
Horsehair Crab Tank
Sporty Banner.png
Snow Festival 2x2 Obtained during Fishing Tourney 9 by completing the event challenge: catch x25 Fish 326002.png Horsehair Crab at least 31.5cm.

Clothing[edit source]

  • None