Log-in Bonus

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There is a new log-in bonus lasting every 10 days with the exclusion of one log-in bonus period which lasted 7 days leading up to the game's global release.

Every day, a player can receive that day's log-in bonus reward and progress further through the rewards by logging in.

Current Log-in Bonus[edit | edit source]

2019-04-18 - 2019-04-26
x 3
Material Elegant Essence.png
x 3
Request Ticket.png
x 2
Leaf Ticket.png
x 5
Material Rustic Essence.png
x 3
Sea Throw Net.png
x 3
Material Natural Essence.png
x 3
Leaf Ticket.png
x 10

Log-in Bonus Archive[edit | edit source]

See Log-in Bonus/Archive for a full list of previous Log-in Bonuses.