Lottie's Japanese Restaurant

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Lottie's Japanese Restaurant
Ftr pzl 3001018.png
Catalog Category
Harmonious Banner.png
Passing Grade
120+ Points
Dec. 24, 2019 - Jan. 7, 2020

Description[edit source]

Lottie's Japanese Restaurant is a Happy Homeroom class that features Robin Icon.png Robin and items mainly from the Zen category.

This course is a limited time event course linked to Lottie's Moving Up and is only available during the event's duration.

Medal Requirements[edit source]

Medal 1 Medal 2 Medal 3 Perfect Score
120+ Points 155+ Points 205+ Points 234 Points

Medal Rewards[edit source]

Medal 1 Medal 2 Medal 3
1,000 Bells.png Bells 2,000 Bells.png Bells 5,000 Bells.png Bells

On-Point Furniture[edit source]

Name Type Materials Bell Cost Craft Time Obtained by Unlocked by
Rmk jpn zaisu.png
Floor Seat
Furniture Seat Icon.png
90 Material Wood.png Wood

90 Material Cotton.png Cotton
2400 Bells.png Bells 10 Hour(s)  Obtained via crafting Unlock Flip
Int jpn lamp.png
Paper Lantern
Furniture Lamp Icon.png
15 Material Paper.png Paper

15 Material Wood.png Wood
1400 Bells.png Bells 3 Hour(s)  Obtained via crafting Unlock Gladys
Int jpn bamboo chairL.png
Bamboo Bench
Furniture Seat Icon.png
6 Material Wood.png Wood 910 Bells.png Bells  1 Minute(s) Obtained via crafting Unlock Boots

Room Furniture Requirements[edit source]

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Completed Room[edit source]

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