Lovely Island

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Gulliver Island
Lovely Island
Gulliver ship icon island 02 04.png
Travel Time
4 Hour(s)
Points Needed

Using Gulliver Ship Icon.png Gulliver's Ship, you can export items to various islands in exchange for souvenirs.

Suggested Exports[edit source]

When you've added enough export points, Gulliver's Ship can depart.

Gulliver Icon.png 150 pts. needed
Export Item Export Points Load Limit
Gulliver export 00 00.png Plain Package 20 pts. -
Gulliver export 00 01.png Plain Crate 40 pts. -
Rmk lov chairS.png
Lovely Chair (Basic)
50 pts. -
Rmk lov chairL 01.png
Lovely Love Seat (Black and Pink)
50 pts. -
Rmk lov tableM.png
Lovely Table (Basic)
50 pts. -
Rmk lov bedW.png
Lovely Bed
60 pts. -
Rmk lov lamp.png
Lovely Lamp
50 pts. -
Rmk lov chestC.png
Lovely Armoire (Basic)
50 pts. -
Int wal lovely.png
Lovely Screen
100 pts. -
Rmk lov kitchen.png
Lovely Kitchen
60 pts. -

Souvenirs Offered[edit source]

Appearance rates will change depending on the number of items remaining on the island.

Souvenir Available Appearance Rate
Material Sparkle Stones.png Sparkle Stones 1 33.3333%
Gift pop01.png Tasty Lollipop x5 1 33.3333%
Gift pop00.png Plain Lollipop x12 1 33.3333%
Completion Bonus
Material Sparkle Stones.png Sparkle Stones x1