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This page serves as an article to combine information across the wiki regarding recently released content and related information for easier accessibility and viewing.

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[May 17, 2019] New Villagers (Blathers Wave 3)[edit | edit source]

See New Maps Available! for more information.

[May 16, 2019] Apollo's Cinema Cookie[edit | edit source]

See New Fortune Cookie Available! for more information.

[May 13, 2019] Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt 10[edit | edit source]

See Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt On Now! for more information.

[May 11, 2019] Fave Photo Goals[edit | edit source]

See Fave Photo Goals! for more information.

[May 10, 2019] Grim Rosewater Cookie and Wall & Floor Collection[edit | edit source]

[May 05, 2019] Gothic Rose Reissue[edit | edit source]

[May 04, 2019] Idle Beats with DJ KK Part 2, New Terrain and Cookie Reissue 3[edit | edit source]

[Apr. 30, 2019] Feather Fury, Idle Beats with DJ KK, Rock-Star Collection and Cookie Reissue 2[edit | edit source]

[Apr. 28, 2019] Special Furniture Reissue[edit | edit source]

See Brewster Is Back! for more information.

[Apr. 27, 2019] DJ KK's Beat Booth[edit | edit source]

See DJ KK Comes to Visit! for more information.

[Apr. 26, 2019] Cherry's Rockin' Cookie and Cookie Reissue 1[edit | edit source]

[Apr. 24, 2019] Fishing Tourney 13 (Schoolroom)[edit | edit source]

See Fishing Tourney On Now! for more information.

[Apr. 21, 2019] Backpack Collection and Bring on the Bells Goals[edit | edit source]

[Apr. 18, 2019] New Maps Arriving[edit | edit source]

See New Maps Arriving for more information.

[Apr. 16, 2019] New Event Items Reissue Crafting Available[edit | edit source]

See New Event Items Available for Reissue Crafting! for more information.

[Apr. 12, 2019] Bunny-Day Egg Hunt[edit | edit source]

See Bunny Day Egg Hunt for more information.

[Apr. 11, 2019] In-Game Gift[edit | edit source]

See In-Game Gift Celebrating the Release of a Nintendo Labo Kit! for more information.

[Apr. 11, 2019] Chrissy's Royal Cookie[edit | edit source]

See Chrissy's Royal Cookie for more information.

[Apr. 10, 2019] Schoolroom and Tea-Party Walls and Floors[edit | edit source]

See New Wall & Floor Collection! for more information.

[Apr. 10, 2019] Reissue Crafting Now Available![edit | edit source]

See Reissued Crafting: Part One! for more information.

[Apr. 10, 2019] New Happy Homeroom Classes[edit | edit source]

See New Normal Classes Available at Happy Homeroom! for more information.

[Apr. 09, 2019] Spring Butterfly Goals[edit | edit source]

See Spring Butterfly Goals for more information.

[Apr. 01, 2019] April Fool's Day Gift[edit | edit source]

See April Fool's Day Gift for more information.