Omakase Requests

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Also known as "chef's choice" or "you pick" requests: the villager will request a type of insect, fish, fruit, or flower, and the player can choose from their inventory what to give. The potential rewards will depend on what rarity-tier item is given to the villager, as well as the player's friendship level with the villager.

Rarity Tier Collectible Items Rewards
Tier 1 (Common) Regular Fruit
1-Star Rarity Flowers
Coral.png Coral
Scallop Shell.png Scallop Shell
Fg hitode.png Sea Star
Fg hiogir.png Red Noble Scallop
Fg hiogiy.png Yellow Noble Scallop
Fg hiogip.png Purple Noble Scallop
Oyster Shell.png Oyster Shell
Conch Shell.png Conch Shell
Fg hamaguri.png Clam
Horse Mackerel.png Horse Mackerel
Octopus.png Octopus
Squid.png Squid
Icn 241.png Dab
Fish Sakuraebi.png Sakura Shrimp
Olive Flounder.png Olive Flounder
Pacific Saury.png Pacific Saury
Fish Sawara.png Spring Mackerel
Atlantic Mackerel.png Atlantic Mackerel
Fish fst0003.png Sea Bass
Fish aji1stanniv.png Gold Horse Mackerel
Fish hirame1stanniv.png Gold Olive Flounder
Sweet Shrimp.png Sweet Shrimp
Pale Chub.png Pale Chub
Fish tanago.png Bitterling
Crucian Carp.png Crucian Carp
Yellow Perch.png Yellow Perch
Freshwater Goby.png Freshwater Goby
Bluegill.png Bluegill
Fish 403001.png Killifish
Fish Otama.png Tadpole
Fish 348001.png Pond Smelt
Insect Ginyan.png Darner Dragonfly
Fruit Beetle.png Fruit Beetle
Insect karasu.png Peacock Butterfly
Monarch Butterfly.png Monarch Butterfly
Insect Monki.png Yellow Butterfly
Tiger Butterfly.png Tiger Butterfly
Insect Monsirocho.png Common Butterfly
Insect ga.png Island Moth
Insect ka.png Island Mosquito
Insect akane.png Red Dragonfly
Insect FamiliarBluet.png Blue Damselfly
100Bells.png Bells
+2 Friendship EXP
Tier 2 & Tier 3
2-Star Event Flowers
3-Star Event Flowers
Blue Pansies.png Blue Pansies
Coral Pansies.png Coral Pansies
Purple Pansies.png Purple Pansies
Red-Blue Pansies.png Red-Blue Pansies
Yellow-Blue Pansies.png Yellow-Blue Pansies
Black Tulips.png Black Tulips
Blue Tulips.png Blue Tulips
Pink Tulips.png Pink Tulips
Purple Tulips.png Purple Tulips
500Bells.png Bells
+2 Friendship EXP
Tier 2 (Uncommon)
Tier 3 (Rare)
Perfect Fruit
Foreign Fruit
Red Snapper.png Red Snapper
Black Bass.png Black Bass
Horned Dynastid.png Horned Dynastid
Int shl akoya.png Pearl-Oyster Shell
Achilles Surgeonfish.png Achilles Surgeonfish
Puffer Fish.png Puffer Fish
Fish Syako.png Mantis Shrimp
Fish 326002.png Horsehair Crab
Icn 228.png Sea Butterfly
Fish Chouchou.png Butterfly Fish
Fish zuwai.png Snow Crab
Blowfish.png Blowfish
Icn 231.png Clown Fish
Icn 232.png Surgeonfish
Icn 230.png Sea Horse
Coelacanth.png Coelacanth
Football Fish.png Football Fish
Fish Takaashi.png Spider Crab
Fish rounin.png Giant Trevally
Fish chouchinankou1stanniv.png Gold Football Fish
Fish Manbou.png Ocean Sunfish
Fish Koi.png Carp
Fish 348002.png Dace
Salmon.png Salmon
Fish 403003.png Catfish
Fish Yamame.png Cherry Salmon
Fish zarigani.png Crawfish
Icn 204.png Loach
Fish pike.png Pike
Icn 222.png Neon Tetra
Rainbow Trout.png Rainbow Trout
Fish ooiwana.png Char
Saw Stag.png Saw Stag
Insect yonaguni.png Atlas Moth
Miyama Stag.png Miyama Stag
Raja B. Butterfly.png Raja B. Butterfly
Insect kabutomusig.png Gold Horned Dynastid
Insect oomurasaki.png Purple Butterfly
Jewel Beetle.png Jewel Beetle
Insect Oniyan.png Banded Dragonfly
Emperor Butterfly.png Emperor Butterfly
Icn 133.png Agrias Butterfly
Insect morufochog.png Gilded Emperor
Insect kokbt.png Horned Atlas
1,500Bells.png Bells
Fortune Cookie Icon.png Fortune Cookie (20% chance)*
Gift sweet00.png Bronze Treats (30% chance)
+3 Friendship EXP
Tier 4 (Rare+) Perfect Foreign Fruit
Fish maguro1stanniv.png Gold Tuna
Icn 238.png Barred Knifejaw
Tuna.png Tuna
Icn 234.png Napoleonfish
Fish ryugu.png Oarfish
Fish kajiki.png Blue Marlin
Whale Shark.png Whale Shark
Gar.png Gar
Koi.png Koi
Fish kingsalmon.png King Salmon
Fish Itou.png Stringfish
Insect helkbtg.png Gold Horned Hercules
Insect alex.png Birdwing Butterfly
Icn 182.png Goliath Beetle
Insect hosoaka.png Cyclommatus Stag
Insect ookwa.png Giant Stag
Insect ougon.png Golden Stag
Insect helkbt.png Horned Hercules
2,000Bells.png Bells
Fortune Cookie Icon.png Fortune Cookie*
Gift sweet00.png Bronze Treats
Material Sparkle Stones.png Sparkle Stones (1.6% chance)
+4 Friendship EXP
Tier 5 (Super Rare) Fish Hirame big.png King Olive Flounder
Fish Tai big.png King Red Snapper
Fish kingsalmon big.png Giant King Salmon
Fish Nishikigoi big.png King Koi
10,000Bells.png Bells
Fortune Cookie Icon.png Fortune Cookie*
Gift sweet00.png Bronze Treats
Material Sparkle Stones.png Sparkle Stones
+10 Friendship EXP

*The only fortune cookies possible to receive through fulfilling requests are: Clothing Fortune Cookie, Timmy's Fortune Cookie, and Tommy's Fortune Cookie.