Red-Shredrose Seeds

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Event Seeds
Red-Shredrose Seeds
Ev seed 019 01 cmps.png
Sells For
60 Bells.png Bells

Description[edit source]

Blossoms into Ev flower 019 01.png Red Shredroses in 3 Hour(s).

How to Obtain[edit source]

Obtained during Idle Beats with DJ KK Event via:

Action Cost / Percentage
Completing Villager Requests

42% for 1x Red-Shredrose Seeds

Sharing Ev animal 032 00.png Soprano Riffbats 67% for 1x Red-Shredrose Seeds per Riffbat
Sharing Ev animal 032 01.png Alto Riffbats 83% for 1x Red-Shredrose Seeds per Riffbat