Ruby Gothic Bat

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Garden Creature
Ruby Gothic Bat
Ruby Gothic Bat.png
Catalog Category
Gothic Rose
Sells For
60Bells.png Bells

How to Obtain[edit]

Obtained during Lottie's Gothic Rose Festival.

The flower required and the related spawn/capture percentage for the Ruby Gothic Bat are as follows:

Flower Spawn Percentage

Capture Percentage

Gothic Fusion Roses.png Gothic Fusion Roses 35% 53%



Name Theme Catalog Category Size How to Obtain
Int 2090 chairS cmps.png
Gothic Rose Cage Chair
Elegant Banner.png
Gothic Rose 2x2 Complete Task 3-6: Collect Ruby Gothic Bat.png Ruby Gothic Bats x20 during the Lottie's Gothic Rose Festival event.
Int 2090 wal cmps.png
Gothic Rose Fence
Cool Banner.png
Gothic Rose 4x2 Complete any of the following event tasks during Lottie's Gothic Rose Festival:
  • Task 1-10: Collect Gothic Bat.png Gothic Bats x60.
  • Task 2-8: Collect Golden Gothic Bat.png Golden Gothic Bats x30.
  • Task 3-4: Collect Ruby Gothic Bat.png Ruby Gothic Bats x12.
  • Task 4-5: Collect Diamond Gothic Bat.png Diamond Gothic Bats x15.


Name Theme Catalog Category How to Obtain
Gothic Coat.png
Gothic Coat
Cool Banner.png
Gothic Rose Complete Task 3-1: Collect Ruby Gothic Bat.png Ruby Gothic Bats x3 in Lottie's Gothic Rose Festival.