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Gulliver Island
Sock Island
Gulliver ship icon island 00 01.png
Travel Time
4 Hour(s)
Points Needed

Using Gulliver Ship Icon.png Gulliver's Ship, you can export items to various islands in exchange for souvenirs.

Suggested ExportsEdit

When you've added enough export points, Gulliver's Ship can depart.

  150 pts. needed
Export Item Export Points Load Limit
  Plain Package 20 pts. -
  Plain Crate 40 pts. -
Green-Stripe Socks
50 pts. -
Dress Socks
50 pts. -
Purple Star Socks
50 pts. -
Checkered Socks
50 pts. -

Souvenirs OfferedEdit

Appearance rates will change depending on the number of items remaining on the island.

Souvenir Available Appearance Rate
  Sparkle Stones 1 33.3333%
  Tasty Tart x5 1 33.3333%
  Plain Tart x12 1 33.3333%
Completion Bonus
  Sparkle Stones x1