Straw Beach Hat

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Clothing Hat Icon.png Hat
Straw Beach Hat
Cap gar01 resort cmps.png
Natural Banner.png
Catalog Category
Beach Resort
Selling Price
150 Bells.png Bells
Animal Suitability
Can wear
Favorite Gift

How to Obtain[edit source]

Name How to Obtain
Cap gar01 resort cmps.png
Straw Beach Hat
Complete any of the following tasks during Pascal's Crunchy Munchies event:
  • Task 1-2: Collect Ev animal 036 00.png Red Hermit Crabs x5
  • Task 2-6: Collect Ev animal 036 01.png Blue Hermit Crabs x24

Islands That Give This[edit source]

  • None

Classes That Use This[edit source]

  • None