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Table of Gulliver-Point Furniture

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Gulliver has an internal system that determines how many points furniture / clothing are worth to him and also effects what direction he will ask the player to go in once a player gives him 10 pieces of furniture / clothing.

The following tables display how many Gulliver points each furniture / clothing is worth, separated into the cardinal directions. Due to the large size of the tables, each table has been separated into its own page.

* These tables can also be used to view a complete list of the furniture and clothing items for each theme, and may be sorted by using the arrows in the header row.

North[edit | edit source]

See Table of Gulliver-Point Furniture/North

South[edit | edit source]

See Table of Gulliver-Point Furniture/South

East[edit | edit source]

See Table of Gulliver-Point Furniture/East

West[edit | edit source]

See Table of Gulliver-Point Furniture/West

By Theme[edit | edit source]