Unlocking New Villagers

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When a player's camp manager level increases, villagers are unlocked. Which villager is unlocked is based on that villager's tier and excludes villagers unlocked through Gulliver and Blathers. A player will unlock all the villagers in a lower tier before unlocking higher tier villagers. The last of these villagers is unlocked upon a player reaching level 76.

For example, Beau is a Tier 3 while Stella is Tier 6. This means a player will unlock Beau before Stella.

Tier Player Level Amount Unlocked Friendship Level to Invite Villagers
1 Level 1 All 5 Friendship Level 1 Apollo Icon.png Apollo
Filbert Icon.png Filbert
Goldie Icon.png Goldie
Jay Icon.png Jay
Rosie Icon.png Rosie
2 Levels
2 - 5
1 per level Friendship Level 3 Bam Icon.png Bam
Dotty Icon.png Dotty
Eugene Icon.png Eugene
Freya Icon.png Freya
Merry Icon.png Merry
3 Levels
6 - 19
2 per level Friendship Level 3 Ava Icon.png Ava
Beau Icon.png Beau
Bianca Icon.png Bianca
Bluebear Icon.png Bluebear
Boots Icon.png Boots
Bunnie Icon.png Bunnie
Butch Icon.png Butch
Carmen Icon.png Carmen
Cherry Icon.png Cherry
Curt Icon.png Curt
Egbert Icon.png Egbert
Elise Icon.png Elise
Eloise Icon.png Eloise
Fang Icon.png Fang
Goose Icon.png Goose
Kidd Icon.png Kidd
Lily Icon.png Lily
Margie Icon.png Margie
Muffy Icon.png Muffy
Naomi Icon.png Naomi
Puck Icon.png Puck
Robin Icon.png Robin
Rocco Icon.png Rocco
Shari Icon.png Shari
Tex Icon.png Tex
Tia Icon.png Tia
Vesta Icon.png Vesta
Wendy Icon.png Wendy
4 Levels
20 - 39
2 per level Friendship Level 5 Alice Icon.png Alice
Antonio Icon.png Antonio
Apple Icon.png Apple
Aurora Icon.png Aurora
Bill Icon.png Bill
Bob Icon.png Bob
Bree Icon.png Bree
Broccolo Icon.png Broccolo
Bud Icon.png Bud
Carrie Icon.png Carrie
Chevre Icon.png Chevre
Chrissy Icon.png Chrissy
Cube Icon.png Cube
Diana Icon.png Diana
Drago Icon.png Drago
Drake Icon.png Drake
Flurry Icon.png Flurry
Fuchsia Icon.png Fuchsia
Gaston Icon.png Gaston
Hans Icon.png Hans
June Icon.png June
Ketchup Icon.png Ketchup
Kid Cat Icon.png Kid Cat
Kiki Icon.png Kiki
Lobo Icon.png Lobo
Lucky Icon.png Lucky
Maggie Icon.png Maggie
Mira Icon.png Mira
Mitzi Icon.png Mitzi
Patty Icon.png Patty
Phoebe Icon.png Phoebe
Punchy Icon.png Punchy
Rodeo Icon.png Rodeo
Sandy Icon.png Sandy
Skye Icon.png Skye
Sprinkle Icon.png Sprinkle
Static Icon.png Static
Tad Icon.png Tad
Tank Icon.png Tank
Twiggy Icon.png Twiggy
5 Levels
40 - 44
2 per level Friendship Level 5 or 7 Anicotti Icon.png Anicotti
Colton Icon.png Colton
Gladys Icon.png Gladys
Jitters Icon.png Jitters
Julia Icon.png Julia
Maple Icon.png Maple
Molly Icon.png Molly
Pekoe Icon.png Pekoe
Poppy Icon.png Poppy
Zell Icon.png Zell
6 Levels
45 - 71
2 per level
(From 45 to 52)

1 per level
(From 53 to 71)
Friendship Level 7
(5 for Stitches)
Agnes Icon.png Agnes
Alfonso Icon.png Alfonso
Angus Icon.png Angus
Avery Icon.png Avery
Bitty Icon.png Bitty
Charlise Icon.png Charlise
Cheri Icon.png Cheri
Claudia Icon.png Claudia
Fauna Icon.png Fauna
Flip Icon.png Flip
Francine Icon.png Francine
Hamlet Icon.png Hamlet
Hopkins Icon.png Hopkins
Julian Icon.png Julian
Kyle Icon.png Kyle
Marshal Icon.png Marshal
Merengue Icon.png Merengue
Moe Icon.png Moe
Octavian Icon.png Octavian
Peanut Icon.png Peanut
Peewee Icon.png Peewee
Pierce Icon.png Pierce
Pietro Icon.png Pietro
Raddle Icon.png Raddle
Rex Icon.png Rex
Roald Icon.png Roald
Roscoe Icon.png Roscoe
Snake Icon.png Snake
Stella Icon.png Stella
Stitches Icon.png Stitches
Tom Icon.png Tom
Tucker Icon.png Tucker
Vic Icon.png Vic
Whitney Icon.png Whitney
Wolfgang Icon.png Wolfgang
7 Levels
72 - 76
1 per level Friendship Level 7 Boone Icon.png Boone
Cobb Icon.png Cobb
Diva Icon.png Diva
Penelope Icon.png Penelope
Ribbot Icon.png Ribbot