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This content is not yet released but has been extracted from the assets. It is not known when the content on this page will be released, only that this content exists in the assets. All content on this page is subject to change before it is actually released.

Potential Upcoming Event Schedule[edit | edit source]

The following is a potential datamined schedule for upcoming events and also links to the datamined assets / contents (if any) for those events.

Event / Content with Dates[edit | edit source]

Event Dates

Undated Events / Content[edit | edit source]

Non-Dated New Villagers
Fishing Tourney (Unknown)
Camper Patterns
Potential Villagers

Non-Dated New Villagers[edit | edit source]

*The following villager icons were found in the data, however nothing else has been found at this time.

* Digby's icon was found in the most recent update (v1.4.2), but it is currently unknown what event/item he is connected to.

Fishing Tourney (Unknown)[edit | edit source]

*Event appears to be delayed until further notice (or the year 2055). Original dates: Apr. 12 - Apr. 17, and trophy collecting Apr. 17 - Apr. 20.

Fish[edit | edit source]

Clothing & Furniture[edit | edit source]

Name Theme Material Cost Bell Cost Craft Time Sells For
Cap hat 2110 cmps.png
Octopus Hat
Hip Banner.png N/A Bells.png Bells - 300 Bells.png Bells
Name Theme Material Cost Bell Cost Craft Time Sells For
Int 2110 fishtankr1 cmps.png
Angelfish Tank
Sporty Banner.png N/A Bells.png Bells - 150 Bells.png Bells
Int 2110 fishtankr3 cmps.png
Arowana Tank
Sporty Banner.png N/A Bells.png Bells - 370 Bells.png Bells
Int 2110 fishtankr2 cmps.png
Bluegill Tank
Sporty Banner.png N/A Bells.png Bells - 150 Bells.png Bells

Tools[edit | edit source]

Wallpaper[edit | edit source]

Flooring[edit | edit source]

Special Camper Patterns[edit | edit source]

Special Pattern Name Special Pattern Design
Hot Dog Usercabconsp 0002.png
Classic Camo Usercabconsp 0007.png
Polka-Dot Party Userwagonsp 0004.png

Potential Villagers[edit | edit source]

This is a list of Villager sprites obtained from ACPC's official Line account, however none of the following are currently found within the assets of ACPC

Alligator[edit | edit source]

Anteater[edit | edit source]

Bear[edit | edit source]

Bird[edit | edit source]

Bull[edit | edit source]

Cat[edit | edit source]

Chicken[edit | edit source]

Cow[edit | edit source]

Cub[edit | edit source]

Deer[edit | edit source]

Dog[edit | edit source]

Duck[edit | edit source]

Eagle[edit | edit source]

Elephant[edit | edit source]

Frog[edit | edit source]

Goat[edit | edit source]

Gorilla[edit | edit source]

Hamster[edit | edit source]

Hippo[edit | edit source]

Horse[edit | edit source]

Kangaroo[edit | edit source]

Koala[edit | edit source]

Lion[edit | edit source]

Monkey[edit | edit source]

Mouse[edit | edit source]

Octopus[edit | edit source]

Ostrich[edit | edit source]

Penguin[edit | edit source]

Pig[edit | edit source]

Rabbit[edit | edit source]

Rhino[edit | edit source]

Sheep[edit | edit source]

Squirrel[edit | edit source]

Tiger[edit | edit source]

Wolf[edit | edit source]

Potential Special NPCs[edit | edit source]

Promotional Content