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Villagers sometimes ask what piece of clothing to give to another villager as a request, giving the player three options to pick from.

The three options are randomly selected from different groups, based on the villager receiving the gift.

The outcome of rewards is not linked to whether the villager likes the item or not. You will still receive the same rewards if you give a non-favorited item.

The lists below show the possible gift options for each group of villager receiving the gift:

Group 201[edit | edit source]

Name GulliverPoint
Tops cstm rabbit.png Fluffy Dress 03
Tops gingham stb l.png Candy Gingham Shirt 01
Tops bolero ylw.png Lime Dress 01
Pink Argyle Shirt.png Pink Argyle Shirt 01
Tops img stbsoda.png Red Tie-Dye Tee 01
Blossom Tee.png Blossom Tee 0
Tops flower.png Daisy Tee 0
Garden Tank.png Garden Tank 0
Gelato Tee.png Gelato Tee 0
Lemon Gingham Shirt.png Lemon Gingham Shirt 0
Lemon Gingham Tee.png Lemon Gingham Tee 0
Lovely Dress.png Lovely Dress 0
Melon Tee.png Melon Tee 0
Mint Shirt.png Mint Shirt 0
Paw Tee.png Paw Tee 0
Rose-Sky Tee.png Rose-Sky Tee 0
Spring Shirt.png Spring Shirt 0
Spunky Knit Shirt.png Spunky Knit Shirt 0
Heart Tee.png Heart Tee 0

Group 202[edit | edit source]

Name GulliverPoint
Tops frt citrus n.png Citrus Tank 03
Tops cstm frog.png Frog Costume 03
Aqua Polka Tee.png Aqua Polka Tee 0
Aurora Knit Shirt.png Aurora Knit Shirt 0
Barber Tee.png Barber Tee 0
Big-Star Tee.png Big-Star Tee 0
Blue Tie-Dye Tee.png Blue Tie-Dye Tee 0
Bubble-Gum Tee.png Bubble-Gum Tee 0
Dark Polka Tee.png Dark Polka Tee 0
Funky-Dot Tee.png Funky-Dot Tee 0
Jester Shirt.png Jester Shirt 0
Tops ptn block.png Kiddie Tee 0
Polka-Dot Dress.png Polka-Dot Dress 0
Tops img grpsoda.png Purple Tie-Dye Tee 0
Sunflower Tee.png Sunflower Tee 0
Toad Tee.png Toad Tee 0
Tops frt wtrmelon.png Watermelon Tee 0
Tops polka wht.png Lite Polka Tee 0
Star Tee.png Star Tee 0

Group 203[edit | edit source]

Name GulliverPoint
Tops border redblk l.png Beatnik Shirt 01
Tops cloudy.png Cloudy Tee 01
Tops grass triangle.png Grass Tee 01
Tops parka.png Pink Parka 01
Sweater Dress.png Sweater Dress 01
Beige Knit Shirt.png Beige Knit Shirt 0
Blue-Check Tee.png Blue-Check Tee 0
Blue-Grid Tee.png Blue-Grid Tee 0
Chevron Shirt.png Chevron Shirt 0
Dapper Tee.png Dapper Tee 0
Denim Jacket.png Denim Jacket 0
Fall Plaid Shirt.png Fall Plaid Shirt 0
Icy Shirt.png Icy Shirt 0
Mint Gingham Tee.png Mint Gingham Tee 0
Overall Dress.png Overall Dress 0
Peacoat.png Peacoat 0
Picnic Tee.png Picnic Tee 0
Red-Grid Shirt.png Red-Grid Shirt 0
Snow Shirt.png Snow Shirt 0
Yellow-Bar Tee.png Yellow-Bar Tee 0
Shearling Coat.png Shearling Coat 0

Group 204[edit | edit source]

Name GulliverPoint
Tops ptn star blk cmps.png Black Star Tee 20
Acid-Washed Jacket.png Acid-Washed Jacket 01
Arctic-Camo Tee.png Arctic-Camo Tee 0
BB Tee.png BB Tee 0
Tops aloha blu.png Blue Aloha Tee 0
Blue Flannel Shirt.png Blue Flannel Shirt 0
Blue Letter Jacket.png Blue Letter Jacket 0
Café Tee.png Café Tee 0
Checkerboard Tee.png Checkerboard Tee 0
Checkered Tee.png Checkered Tee 0
Flame Tee.png Flame Tee 0
Jungle-Camo Shirt.png Jungle-Camo Shirt 0
Pleather Vest.png Pleather Vest 0
Spiderweb Tee.png Spiderweb Tee 0
Wide-Stripe Tee.png Wide-Stripe Tee 0
Zipper Shirt.png Zipper Shirt 0

Group 205[edit | edit source]

Name GulliverPoint
Tops wrestler.png Wrestler Tank 03
Tops cycling.png Cycling Shirt 02
Tops fish jkt.png Fishing Vest 01
Beatnik Tee.png Beatnik Tee 0
Five-Ball Tee.png Five-Ball Tee 0
Four-Ball Tee.png Four-Ball Tee 0
Tops jersey grn.png Green Warm-Up Jacket 0
MVP Shirt.png MVP Shirt 0
No. 1 Shirt.png No. 1 Shirt 0
Tops no 2.png No. 2 Shirt 0
One-Ball Tee.png One-Ball Tee 0
Tops stripe rally.png Rally Tee 0
Red Warm-Up Suit.png Red Warm-Up Suit 0
Red-Bar Shirt.png Red-Bar Shirt 0
Six-Ball Tee.png Six-Ball Tee 0
Tops unfm latin.png Soccer Tee 0

Group 206[edit | edit source]

Name GulliverPoint
Tops western.png Western Shirt 10
Tops poncho.png Poncho 02
Tops knit vest.png Tacky Sweater 01
Alpinist Dress.png Alpinist Dress 0
Folk Shirt.png Folk Shirt 0
Snowy Sweater.png Snowy Sweater 0
Tropical Tee.png Tropical Tee 0

Group 207[edit | edit source]

Name GulliverPoint
Tops corset ppl.png Blue Lace-Up Dress 03
Tops tartan sibu l.png Waffle Shirt 01
Tops versailles blu.png Blue Ringmaster Coat 0
Blue-Bar Tee.png Blue-Bar Tee 0
Tops retro nouveau n.png Cool Tank 0
Tops flw floral shts.png Floral Knit Tee 0
Go-Go Shirt.png Go-Go Shirt 0
Tops grace.png Gracie Tank 0
Jade Plaid Tee.png Jade Plaid Tee 0
Orange Lace-Up Dress.png Orange Lace-Up Dress 0
Plum Coat.png Plum Coat 0
Gray Tartan Tee.png Gray Tartan Tee 0

Group 208[edit | edit source]

Name GulliverPoint
Tops security.png Security Tee 03
Tops smock.png Kids' Smock 01
Tops blazer brw.png Beige Emblem Blazer 01
Tops chef.png Chef's Outfit 0
Tops doctor.png Doctor's Coat 0

Group 209[edit | edit source]

Name GulliverPoint
Tops hanten.png Hanten Shirt 01
Happi Tee.png Happi Tee 0
Tops img misty.png Misty Tee 0

Group 210[edit | edit source]

Name GulliverPoint
Tops dragon.png Dragon Suit 0
Tops china pnk.png Hot Spring Tee 0
Painter's Shirt.png Painter's Shirt 0