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Villagers sometimes ask what furniture to give to another villager as a request, giving the player three options to pick from.

No matter which answer is picked*, the player has a 20% chance of getting the furniture that was chosen. Selecting a piece of furniture that is on a villager's list of favorites will only result in different dialogue.

*Correct as of version 1.4.2 (May 18th, 2018).

Group 101[edit | edit source]

Name GulliverPoint
Rmk lov bedW.png Lovely Bed 5
Furniture Sweets Sofa.png Sweets Sofa 5
Rmk lov chairS.png Lovely Chair (Basic) 2
Furniture Soft-Serve Lamp.png Soft-Serve Lamp 2
Int swt tableL.png Sweets Table (Basic) 2
Rmk lov chestC.png Lovely Armoire (Basic) 0
Rmk lov lamp.png Lovely Lamp 0
Rmk lov chairL.png Lovely Love Seat (Basic) 0
Rmk lov tableM.png Lovely Table (Basic) 0

Group 102[edit | edit source]

Name GulliverPoint
Rmk col bedS.png Kiddie Bed (Basic) 5
Rmk col clockN.png Kiddie Clock (Basic) 5
Rmk col chestA.png Kiddie Dresser (Basic) 5
Furniture Polka-Dot Bed.png Polka-Dot Bed 5
Furniture Polka-Dot Closet.png Polka-Dot Closet 5
Int bal bedW.png Balloon Bed 5
Int bal tableL.png Balloon Table 5
Rmk col chairL.png Kiddie Couch 3
Furniture Mush Table.png Mush Table 3
Furniture Mush TV.png Mush TV 3
Furniture Polka-Dot Low Table.png Polka-Dot Low Table 3
Furniture Polka-Dot Sofa.png Polka-Dot Sofa 3
Furniture Toy Piano.png Toy Piano 3
Int egg chairl.png Egg Bench 3
Int egg tables.png Egg Table 2
Rmk col bookshelf.png Kiddie Bookcase 2
Rmk col chestC.png Kiddie Bureau 2
Rmk col chairS.png Kiddie Chair 2
Rmk col tableL.png Kiddie Table 2
Furniture Mush Lamp.png Mush Lamp 2
Furniture Mush Wide Stool.png Mush Wide Stool 2
Furniture Polka-Dot Dresser.png Polka-Dot Dresser 2
Furniture Polka-Dot Lamp.png Polka-Dot Lamp 2
Furniture Polka-Dot Stool.png Polka-Dot Stool 2
Furniture Polka-Dot Table.png Polka-Dot Table 2
Int bal chairS.png Balloon Chair 2
Int bal lamp.png Balloon Lamp 2
Int bal tv.png Balloon TV 2
Int egg clockb.png Egg Clock 0
Furniture Mush Hanger.png Mush Hanger 0
Furniture Polka-Dot Chair.png Polka-Dot Chair 0
Furniture Polka-Dot TV.png Polka-Dot TV 0
Rmk bal lamp dog.png Balloon-Dog Lamp 0

Group 103[edit | edit source]

Name GulliverPoint
Rmk blu bedS.png Blue Bed 5
Furniture Modern Wood Sofa.png Modern Wood Sofa 5
Furniture Modern Wood Closet.png Modern Wood Closet 5
Rmk blu chairL.png Blue Bench 3
Rmk blu tableL.png Blue Table 3
Rmk chc chairL.png Classic Sofa 3
Rmk scd chairL.png Alpine Sofa 2
Rmk blu bookshelf.png Blue Bookcase 2
Rmk blu chestC.png Blue Cabinet 2
Rmk grn desk.png Green Desk 2
Furniture Ranch Wardrobe.png Ranch Wardrobe 2
Rmk scd tableM.png Alpine Low Table 0
Rmk blu chairS.png Blue Chair 0
Rmk grn chairL.png Green Bench 0
Rmk grn chairS.png Green Chair 0
Rmk grn counter.png Green Counter 0
Rmk grn lamp.png Green Lamp 0
Rmk grn tableL.png Green Table 0
Rmk grn chestC.png Green Wardrobe 0
Rmk mxw stool.png Modern Wood Stool 0
Furniture Ranch Armchair.png Ranch Armchair 0
Furniture Ranch Bed.png Ranch Bed 0
Furniture Ranch Bookcase.png Ranch Bookcase 0
Furniture Ranch Chair.png Ranch Chair 0
Furniture Ranch Couch.png Ranch Couch 0
Furniture Ranch Hutch.png Ranch Hutch 0
Rmk cnt tableL.png Ranch Table (Basic) 0
Furniture Ranch Tea Table.png Ranch Tea Table 0
Rmk scd lamp.png Alpine Lamp 0

Group 104[edit | edit source]

Name GulliverPoint
Furniture Sleek Side Table.png Sleek Side Table 5
Furniture Sleek Sofa.png Sleek Sofa 5
Furniture Sleek Closet.png Sleek Closet 5
Furniture Metal Guitar.png Metal Guitar 3
Furniture Silver Mic.png Silver Mic 3
Rmk oth drum.png Drum Set 2
Furniture Modern Bed.png Modern Bed 2
Furniture Modern Chair.png Modern Chair 2
Furniture Modern Dresser.png Modern Dresser 2
Furniture Modern End Table.png Modern End Table 2
Furniture Speaker.png Speaker 2
Int oth effects.png Effects Rack 0
Rmk gtr Egtr02.png Electric Guitar 0
Furniture Modern Lamp.png Modern Lamp 0
Furniture Modern Sofa.png Modern Sofa 0
Furniture Modern Table.png Modern Table 0
Furniture Modern Wardrobe.png Modern Wardrobe 0
Furniture Sleek Chair.png Sleek Chair 0
Furniture Sleek Dresser.png Sleek Dresser 0
Furniture Sleek Lamp.png Sleek Lamp 0
Furniture Sleek Sideboard.png Sleek Sideboard 0
Furniture Sleek Table.png Sleek Table 0
Int oth amp.png Amp 0

Group 106[edit | edit source]

Name GulliverPoint
Int oth greennet.png Green Net 5
Furniture Metal Bench.png Metal Bench 5
Furniture Stripe Bed.png Stripe Bed 5
Int fns lat.png Lat Pulldown Machine 3
Furniture Surfboard.png Surfboard 3
Int fns running.png Treadmill 3
Int fns barbell.png Barbell 2
Furniture Stripe Chair.png Stripe Chair 2
Furniture Stripe Shelf.png Stripe Shelf 2
Int sch hurdle.png Hurdle 0
Furniture Mountain Bike.png Mountain Bike 0
Furniture Soccer Ball.png Soccer Ball 0
Furniture Stripe Closet.png Stripe Closet 0
Furniture Stripe Lamp.png Stripe Lamp 0
Furniture Stripe Sofa.png Stripe Sofa 0
Furniture Stripe Table.png Stripe Table 0
Furniture Turkey.png Turkey 0

Group 107[edit | edit source]

Name GulliverPoint
Int oth fagot.png Firewood 5
Furniture Sleeping Bag.png Sleeping Bag 5
Int wst wagon.png Covered Wagon 5
Int frt fire.png Beacon Fire 3
Rmk log chairL.png Cabin Couch 3
Rmk log tableM.png Cabin Low Table 3
Furniture Ukulele.png Ukulele 3
Int tnt backpack.png Backpack 2
Rmk log clockB.png Cabin Clock 2
Int tnt messtin.png Campfire Cookware 2
Int pcs jb.png Djimbe Drum 2
Int tnt lamp.png Lantern 2
Furniture Tiki Torch.png Tiki Torch 2
Furniture Watering Trough.png Watering Trough 2
Int gdn barbecue.png Barbecue 0
Rmk log chairS01.png Cabin Chair 0
Rmk gdn bedS.png Hammock 0
Int sch lavatory.png Handwashing Area 0
Furniture Picnic Basket.png Picnic Basket 0
Furniture Plain Tree Stump.png Plain Tree Stump 0
Furniture Propane Stove.png Propane Stove 0
Furniture Smoker.png Smoker 0
Fobj bench log.png Log Bench 0

Group 108[edit | edit source]

Name GulliverPoint
Rmk isl parasol.png Beach Table 3
Rmk rst screen.png Cabana Screen 3
Rmk asi chairl.png Exotic Bench 3
Rmk asi screen.png Exotic Screen (Basic) 3
Int isl bedS.png Beach Chair 2
Rmk rst chairS02.png Cabana Chair 2
Furniture Cabana Table.png Cabana Table 2
Rmk asi lamp.png Exotic Lamp 2
Rmk asi tablem.png Exotic Table (Basic) 2
Furniture Cabana Armchair.png Cabana Armchair 0
Furniture Cabana Vanity.png Cabana Vanity 0
Rmk asi trunk.png Exotic Chest 0

Group 109[edit | edit source]

Name GulliverPoint
Rmk oth couch.png Chaise Lounge 5
Rmk ryl bedw.png Regal Bed 5
Rmk ryl dresser.png Regal Vanity 5
Rmk ryl chairl.png Regal Sofa (Basic) 5
Rmk oth handbag.png Handbag 3
Rmk ryl tablem.png Regal Table 3
Rmk rcc tablem.png Rococo Table 3
Rmk rcc bookshelf.png Rococo Shelf 3
Rmk rcc chairl.png Rococo Sofa 3
Rmk ryl clockn.png Regal Clock 3
Int oth kcandle sp.png Candelabra 2
Rmk oth elechairs.png Elegant Chair 2
Rmk ryl chairs.png Regal Chair 2
Rmk oth rose.png Single Rose 2
Rmk ryl lamp.png Regal Lamp 2
Int oth casablanca.png Casablanca Lilies 0
Rmk oth teaset.png Fancy Tea Set 0

Group 110[edit | edit source]

Name GulliverPoint
Int uvs rover.png Lunar Rover 5
Furniture Octopus Chair.png Octopus Chair 2
Furniture Red Cone.png Red Cone 2
Int uvs meteo.png Asteroid 2
Furniture Oil Barrel.png Oil Barrel 0
Furniture Tire Stack.png Tire Stack 0

Group 111[edit | edit source]

Name GulliverPoint
Int hsp graph.png EKG Machine 5
Furniture Operating-Room Cart.png Operating-Room Cart 5
Furniture Medicine Cabinet.png Medicine Cabinet 3
Furniture Waiting-Room Bench.png Waiting-Room Bench 3
Int hsp exambed.png Exam Table 2
Furniture Reception Counter.png Reception Counter 0

Group 112[edit | edit source]

Name GulliverPoint
Int oth lute.png Biwa Lute 5
Int jpn swordb.png Black Katana 5
Rmk jpn zaisu.png Floor Seat 5
Int jpn hearth.png Hearth 5
Rmk oth kotatsu.png Kotatsu 5
Int oth alcove.png Tokonoma 5
Int oth ska tablem.png Glass-Top Table 2
Int jpn lamp.png Paper Lantern 2
Furniture Zen Barrel.png Zen Barrel 2
Furniture Red Vase.png Red Vase 2
Int jar jar seiji.png Blue Vase 0
Rmk dhr dharmal.png Giant Dharma 0
Int oth phone bl.png Black Phone 0
Int jpn tablel.png Large Tea Table 0
Furniture Zen Cushion.png Zen Cushion 0
Int jpn bamboo chairL.png Bamboo Bench 0
Int jpn fence.png Bamboo Fence 0
Int oth bamboo cmps.png Bamboo Tree 0
Rmk oth ezara.png Decorative Plate 0
Furniture Zen Chair.png Zen Chair 0

Group 113[edit | edit source]

Name GulliverPoint
Int oth corn.png Cornstalks 5
Rmk oth planter.png Barrel Planter 3
Int plt cacao.png Cacao Tree 2
Rmk oth goldcrest.png Cypress Plant 2
Int plt yamadori.png Fan Palm 2
Int gdn tools.png Garden Tools 2
Int gdn hose.png Hose Reel 2
Furniture Pothos.png Pothos 2
Furniture Snake Plant.png Snake Plant 2
Furniture Tin Watering Can.png Tin Watering Can 2
Furniture Weeping Fig.png Weeping Fig 2
Furniture Wheat Bundle.png Wheat Bundle 2
Int plt aloe.png Aloe 0
Int plt ananas.png Bromeliaceae 0
Int cct smooth.png Cactus 0
Int plt caladium.png Caladium 0
Int plt croton.png Croton 0
Int plt happy.png Dracaena 0
Fence 03 int.png Hedge 0
Furniture Pachira.png Pachira 0
Furniture Swinging Bench.png Swinging Bench 0
Furniture Wooden Bucket.png Wooden Bucket 0
Furniture Round Mini Cactus.png Round Mini Cactus 0

Group 114[edit | edit source]

Name GulliverPoint
Int oth earth.png Cool Globe 05
Int pir wheel.png Helm 05
Int pir ancho.png Anchor 03
Int pir barrel01.png Barrel 02
Int pir barrel02.png Keg 02
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